Blog upload 2013

My name is Adam Omelianchuk

I am a grad student studying philosophy at the University of South Carolina.

I like to read.

Email me at omelianchukATgmailDOTcom


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Nick says:

    Hey Adam, I don’t see your email anywhere on the blog here. Can you email me at nick.nowalk@christian-union.org when you get the chance? I’m on a blog now I want to pass on to you, plus I’ve started emailing out a regular ministry/prayer update and would love to include you on it. Thanks brother!

  2. Adam,
    Likewise I do not see your e-mail here, so a bit off topic but, have your read or do you know of Philip B. Payne’s newest? Would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve time. See my blog for many quotations from it.

  3. Enjoyed your comment on Rachel Held Evans’ book at Amazon.com. Are you on Twitter, by any chance? Though, of course, I’ll follow your blog, it would be nice to see your reflections there if you have an account.

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