Where Were You on 9/11?

I posted this on another blog. I think it is worth sharing here.

I woke up that morning to a glorious, sunny day. I started my shift at 9:30AM at a small print shop. When I arrived, I knew something was awry because everyone’s radio was blaring. I asked the foreman what was up and he looked at me gravely, “The World Trade Centers have been hit. Not once, but twice.” Soon after I started work, I heard the report of Flight 93…

We had no TVs, so the entire day was spent by the radio. In a way, it felt like we were underground listening to second hand battle reports as if we were in London during the Blitz. After that long, anxious shift I went straight to church for a prayer meeting. It lasted two heavy hours and I went home. I remember stopping by a MacDonald’s for some much needed supper and trying my best to bless the employee working at the window. It had to do with feeling like “we are all Americans” and “we could all have been victims.” It was strange. I have never felt that camaraderie with other citizens before. Maybe (hopefully?) never again.

At 9:30PM, I saw the footage for the first time. I fell to my knees and said “Holy Sh__!” After all the emotional exhaustion, all radio reports, all the prayers, seeing the images for the first time still brought about a dreadful and odious surprise. I will never forget the terror of watching it all unfold even though I heard about it 12 hours earlier…


One thought on “Where Were You on 9/11?

  1. I woke up hearing the news on the radio. The first WTC building had been hit. I watched TV at home for a few minutes, during which time the second building was hit. I had to go to work, and didn’t see much else until later in the day. I remember a lady at work saying “oh my God” when one of the buildings collapsed.

    The bummer thing for my wife and I is that our wedding was on 9-11-93. So the attacks take away some of the joy of that special day.

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