Cornel West: The 2009 Preposterous Statement of the Year

There you have it folks. The most preposterous statement uttered in the year 2009 was by Dr. Cornel West of Princeton University who said at the untimely death of Michael Jackson:

It’s almost like a crucifixion, in terms of the cross you have to bear. We reap the fruits of the resurrection, in terms of the power that emanates from his sacrifice. He sacrificed his childhood because he loved us so. He didn’t just entertain us, he sustained us. [source]

You can see the full context of the statement here. The discussion was between two African American scholars who were trying to assess the influence of Michael Jackson on the culture at large. Much of it was related to the coverage of the media, and both thinkers seemed to be trying to outdo one another in coming up with superlatives to describe the ubiquitous pop star.

West’s journey through the tournament was easy and never in doubt. Against the seemingly unbeatable Katherine Ragsdale he lead the way from the beginning and earned a commanding victory 71% to 29%. His toughest match up came up against the absurd Evan Thomas (who thought Obama was like God…) 63% to 38%. West took out the trash with Joan Z. Shore (93% to 7%), Jennifer Weiss (75% to 25%), and Maureen Dowd (85% to 15%). Surprisingly, his closest game was in the first round against Newsweek’s Joe Klein where he was actually behind for most of the time. But like all champions he found a way to win (60% to 40%).

So hats off Cornel West! You have the most preposterous statement of the year 2009!


3 thoughts on “Cornel West: The 2009 Preposterous Statement of the Year

  1. Andy E says:

    Congratulations to Dr. West. He is a deserving champion. Though given how subsequent events have undermined Greg Coleman’s award-winning statement in Common’s tournament, should we be preparing for MJ’s reincarnation?

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