Round Two– South Sectionals Wallis v. Todd

Time now for the 2009 preposterous statement tournament (not to be confused with the Common Man Dan Cole’s Preposterous Statement Tournament). You can follow the tournament by using the 20 Times Around the Block Preposterous Statement bracket. Make your pick for a winner! A complete list of the statements can be found here.

Which statement is more preposterous?

As many remarked over the course of this amazing weekend, Ted Kennedy was the classic American success story—Jim Wallis

The Liberalism that controls the Democratic Party is more wicked than the world view that dominated the Nazis—Blue Collar Todd

Yikes, those are idiotic. I’m picking Todd to be in the final four.


3 thoughts on “Round Two– South Sectionals Wallis v. Todd

    • Andy E says:

      Oh No! I can see where this is going. The loser demands a revote. The winner says, “I would step back. I just think the healing process is so important, the possibility of making a change of this magnitude in the voting system we have is so remote, that would be my judgment.”


      Loving the tournament, Adam!

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