Round One – South Sectionals 7 v. 10

Time now for the 2009 preposterous statement tournament (not to be confused with the Common Man Dan Cole’s Preposterous Statement Tournament). You can follow the tournament by using the 20 Times Around the Block Preposterous Statement bracket. Make your pick for a winner! A complete list of the statements can be found here.

Which statement is more preposterous?

7.Our health care system is engineered, deliberately or not, to resist change. The people who pay for it — you and I — often don’t realize that they’re paying for it. –David Leonhardt

10. He [Obama] spoke both of the long list of public accomplishments that will likely gain Ted Kennedy recognition as the greatest Senator in American history—Jim Wallis

Who are these people who don’t realizing their paying for health care? And didn’t we have someone named Henry Clay in the senate at some point?


2 thoughts on “Round One – South Sectionals 7 v. 10

  1. It would have been better to say that people don’t realize HOW MUCH they are paying for their care. Basically, everyone has “grocery insurance” and has no idea what even the least procedure costs… the doctors don’t even know the price.

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