Round One – East Sectionals 6 v. 11

Time now for the 2009 preposterous statement tournament (not to be confused with the Common Man Dan Cole’s Preposterous Statement Tournament). You can follow the tournament by using the 20 Times Around the Block Preposterous Statement bracket. Make your pick for a winner! A complete list of the statements can be found here.

Which statement is more preposterous?

6. The Republican Party is an oppressed minority.–Rush Limbaugh.

11. And at this point, whatever dividing line there was between mainstream conservatism and the black-helicopter crowd seems to have been virtually erased. –Paul Krugman

Two overrated pundits go head to head with one claiming to oppressed and the other thinks everyone who disagrees with him is an extremist. It seems like these strategies should be flip-flopped for the people taking them, but when it comes to being preposterous pundits know no bounds.

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