Round One – West Sectionals 1 v. 16

It’s time now for 2009 Preposterous Statement Tournament (not to be confused with the Common Man Dan Cole’s Preposterous Statement Tournament), and we are . You can follow the tournament by using the 20 Times Around the Block Preposterous Statement bracket. Make your pick for a winner! A complete list of the statements can be found here.

Which statement is more preposterous?

1. Well, the racism is coming from Rush Limbaugh. It’s taking root in Oklahoma–Bill Maher

16. But it’s fair to give the new kids on the block a chance to get their learner’s permits first.– Katie Couric

Here’s the deal. If you don’t like president Obama you are a racist, and if you do, then you give them a free pass, especially if you make your living being a hard-nosed no-nonsense reporter. Also, racism comes from Rush Limbaugh!


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