The Perfect 4th of July BBQ

Peter is cleaning up old Rock TVs and this is my all-time favorite. Each gag supplies its own sense of humor very well from the main character, a pushy salesman who is uber patriotic and eager to sell you anything, to the visual of an alien showing up to the party. Most of our videos start well and finish well, but often sag in the middle. This seems to flow evenly from start to finish with each joke delivering the intended gag well enough to make you want to see more.

Its key strength, I think, is how well it uncovers and lampoons many subtle ongoings at 4th of July parties. There is the territorial grill master who may feel challenged by another who wants to brown the burgers, there is the “classic dish” from grandma no one really likes, there is the “who’s invited?” issue that usually reduces to the interest of seeking out available members of the opposite sex, there is the controversy between meat and vegetarianism, and the super competitive person who ruins every game by virtue of always having to win. Technically, the video covers a lot of good senses of humor in slap stick, costume gags, satire, pictorial jokes, and an appropriate soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, because there ain’t no doubt I love this land.


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