Preposterous Statements of June, 2009

I am in the process of collecting the most preposterous statements I read on blogs and newspapers. At the end of the year a bracket will be formed and and a poll devised for YOU the readers to vote on. If you would like to nominate a preposterous statement, leave it the comments with a link.

51. In a way Obama is standing above the country, above the world. He’s sort of GOD. He’s going to bring all different sides together.–Evan Thomas.

You’ve gotta be kidding me!

52. I really don’t clarify things that are incorrect because I literally could stand at a press conference all day long and clarify… It’s really not my job to comment on erroneous things.” —Brad Childress

I am betting he carries this same philosophy into his coaching style too. “Hey T-Jack, I could correct your erroneous understanding of my playbook , but that is not really my job.”

53. And at this point, whatever dividing line there was between mainstream conservatism and the black-helicopter crowd seems to have been virtually erased. —Paul Krugman

Why doesn’t Krugman just come out and say, “You are either with Obama or with the terrorists.”

54. With Mr. Obama’s unbelievably ballyhooed address in Cairo Thursday to what he calls “the Muslim world” (hereafter known as “the Speech”), there is mounting evidence that the president not only identifies with Muslims, but actually may still be one himself.–Frank J. Gaffney Jr

On second thought, why doesn’t Gaffney just come out and say Obama is a terrorists.

55. Asked if he has been able to speak to President Obama he said, “Them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me.”–Jeremiah Wright.

Those Zionist, racist dirt bags! They all work for the White House.

Being president, by contrast, suits him much better. He has not lapsed into his old ambivalence. He is intellectually engaged by sculpting history.–Maureen Dowd

Don’t slobber too much there Maureen. We wouldn’t want to see anything get on your nice shiny Pulitzer!

The New Testament does not teach anywhere that every individual believer is to be involved actively in evangelism. —T. David Gordon

Take that Great Commission! It’s cessationism on meth!

58. On this Father’s Day, the American public should proudly note that our president takes his personal role as father (and spouse) as seriously as he does his job as father of the country.–Jennifer Weiss

And all of America cried ‘Abba,’ father!

But we can only hope that fathers and spouses everywhere will be thinking “What Would Obama Do?” as they navigate through the murky waters of parenthood and family.
Jennifer Weiss

60. I have always hesitated when my colleagues rush to pronounce final judgment on events thousands of miles away [like Iran’s election] about which we know very little. —Ron Paul

Yeah, I heard that Ahmadinejad is actually a pretty good guy.

61. Every single Iranian is valuable. Government is a service to all.–Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Except for those who didn’t vote for you.

62. Call me crazy but the ideal ticket for Republicans in 2012 would be Chuck Norris for President and Bill Cosby, Vice-President.–Crazy Right Wing Blogger.

Yep, you sure are crazy.

Past Preposterous Statements:

1. When more women are out about their atheism, it will help other women to be confident in their views. And when that gender shift starts to happen, all of the single atheist men and women will have us to thank when they find their life partner at one of our events. –Crystal Dervetski of Minnesota Atheists

2. Since I am a “five-pointer” and a “conservative,” I live with some suspicion among my bretheren. —Tim Sturch commenting on

3. [Tom] Daschele is a [perpetrator] and victim of the system, which Christian professionals help enable. —Joe Carson commenting on The New Christians

4. A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe. —Barack Obama on passing the stimulus package.

5. “The symbolism of the delay suggested that Obama intends to continue to poach constituencies that were once reliably Republican.”– E.J. Dionne praising, as an act of bipartisan outreach, the one-day delay of Obama’s executive order to end the ban on funding abortions abroad.

6. I want God to hate me like a man does… —Mark Nikirk from the BHT commenting on feminist theology.

7. You can’t help laughing at a goodly number of the gags. —Doug Geivett on reasons to like “Pink Panther 2”

8. I think soon the Obama Administration will start punishing those who do good and rewarding evil.–Blue Collar Todd commenting on Between Two Worlds.

9. Ignoring Facebook friends and promoting terrorism might seem like a strange connection, but hear me out. Both attitudes are based on the same self-centered attitude.–Julie Clawson from One Hand Clapping.

10. For many people, economic recovery means “getting back to where we were a few months or years ago.” That means recovering our consumptive, greedy, unrestrained, undisciplined, irresponsible, and ecologically and socially unsustainable way of life.–Brian McLaren

11. There are many reasons why VHS is vastly superior to DVD…–Adam Omelianchuk posting on 20 Times Around the Block.

12. In this week’s town hall meetings, President Obama demonstrated an important aspect of his office: Pastor-in-Chief.–Diana Butler Bass posting on God’s Politics.

13. I feel like I can serve the people in a good way now because I have all kinds of insights that virtually no one has. —Rod Blagojevich

14.“I know bipartisanship when I see it.”–Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina

15. The problem with evangelicalism is the fact that a great majority of them are not saved. (like Oprah)–Louis commenting on

16. If we do not have an economic recover package 500 million Americans lose their jobs. —Nancy Pelosi

17. Until you’ve . . . eaten with a chimp and bathed with a chimp, you don’t know a chimp–Sandra Herold quoted in the New York Post.

18. This blog post killed a three year old little boy. —Julie Clawson posting on One Hand Clapping.

19. Whether it was the religious leaders who paid Judas 30 pieces of silver to deliver up our Savior, or the German clergy who found hope in the visage of Germany’s new leader named Hitler and who refused to decry his slaughter of the Jews, or whether it was the Orthodox clergy in Russia who worked, hand in hand, with the KGB to round up believers worshiping in apartments who obeyed God rather than men, or whether it is the emerging left apostates who cheerlead the most virulently pro-child killing President in US history, they are all the same underneath.–Ingrid Schlueter

“As soon as I took office, I asked this Congress to send me a recovery plan by Presidents Day that would put people back to work and put money in their pockets, not because I believe in bigger government — I don’t.–Barack Obama’s speech to Congress

21. President Obama’s message to the nation Tuesday night was plain and unequivocal: The era of bashing government is over. —E.J. Dionne Jr. commenting on Obama’s speech.

22. Well, the racism is coming from Rush Limbaugh. It’s taking root in Oklahoma —Bill Maher (starts at 2:37)

23. I believe that Mr. Spencer has accurately described the disease, but has badly missed on the remedy. The truth is – There is no remedy. We are at the end. Period. –Stuart Woods commenting on The Coming Evangelical Collapse at Pyromaniacs.

24. [Michael]Phelps is a Great American Hero, just like John Kerry!—securpo commenting on the Star Tribune.

25.If it wasn’t for articulate conservatives like Ann Coulter, both the Republican Party and the country would be in even worse shape than they are now, for there are extremely few articulate Republican politicians who can make the case for any principle.–Thomas Sowell

26. This president has inherited the most difficult first 100 days of any president, I would argue, including Franklin Roosevelt. –Joe Biden

27. Commenting on the Obamas’ marriage, “Only now are we discovering what a functioning marriage between equals actually looks like.”–Stacy Schiff

28. But it seems like ever since—well, I want to say ever since the Obamas got elected, it’s all sex all the time.–Susannah Breslin

29. Do parents still hit their kids? Yes, they do. It’s called “spanking”–Tony Jones

30. The non-existence of God is for me not an obstacle but a precondition to believing in God.–Klaas Hendrikse

31. Abortion is a blessing and our work is not done.–The Rev. Dr. Katherine Ragsdale

32. Michelle Obama’s warm touch with queen draws gasps–CNN

33. If Christian and religious Liberals take over and begin to dominate the theology of Evangelical Christianity, then Democracy is doomed.—Blue Collar Todd

34. The Republican Party is the only thing standing in the way of Democrats taking over our churches and dictating what are the acceptable State sanctioned ways to be a Christian.–Blue Collar Todd

35. You’re surrounded by fellow patriots—individuals who embrace the concepts like lower taxes, smaller government, and freedom for every individual—I’m talking about State’s Rights! – Texas Gov. Rick Perry (see video)

36. The politicizing of faith in such a partisan way is always a theological mistake.—Jim Wallis posting on a blog called “God’s Politics”

37. I’m hopeful. I think the law is on our side—Norm Coleman

38. The Shack contains terribly wrong concepts about God. Plain and simple. If you think it doesn’t, then you’re well on your way to accepting the image of the Christa on the cross In a few years, you’ll be hanging her up in your church..–Mary Kassian

39. But it’s fair to give the new kids on the block a chance to get their learner’s permits first.– Katie Couric

40. The Abusive Violent Husband god is not a straw man. There is a true believer hiding in a cave on the Afghan-Pakistan border somewhere.—Tim commenting on The New Christians

41. Even President Obama holds the intolerant and bigoted view that marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman.–Emma Ruby-Sachs

42. I get a chance to play for a great organization, I’m excited–Matthew Stafford

43. I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us ‘having a revolution every now and then is a good thing’ and the people – we the people – are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country.–Michele Bachmann

44. I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under Democrat President Jimmy Carter. And I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it is an interesting coincidence. —Michele Bachmann

45. Bush, blame everything on Bush by Sharon Osbourne

46. I believe Mrs. Obama’s “Mom-in-Chief” image was created more by Obama image-makers David Axelrod et. al. to soften her into a first lady Americans could love.–Bonnie Erbe

47. The Republican Party is an oppressed minority.–Rush Limbaugh.

48. Mothers deserving of honor are handed cards and taken to lunch, when songs of praise should instead be offered to the glory of God.”—Al Mohler

49. Our family has a history of heart conditions. My brother had a heart attack in his late 40’s, my step-dad died of a heart attack.—Roger Clemens

50. Violent and conspiratorial talk is not something limited to fringe low-wattage radio stations and secret publications; one only need tune in to Fox News’ Glenn Beck to hear the rhetoric and conspiracy theories that inspired Timothy McVeigh.”–DailyKos


8 thoughts on “Preposterous Statements of June, 2009

  1. Thomas Anderson says:

    hey pal,

    the preposterous statement bracket has already been done by some imbecile on minneapolis radio. if you are gonna steal material from a member of the media, atleast find someone that has a clue.

    freshen it up, get a life, or atleast get some help.

  2. I’m guessing you’ve heard already, but I was listening to the Common Man this afternoon and he was going on and on about how you are “stealing” his material and not giving him credit. Apparently he wants a disclaimer at the beginning of every post because (and this is a nomination for July’s preposterous statements), “This is my intellectual property, even though it’s stupid.” There’s about a dozen or so other comments from the progrum that are nomination worthy as well, including the caller who says, “How bad is this guy’s blog that he has to steal [the Common Man’s] material?”

  3. Blogs take stuff from the media all the time. The entire concept of social media thrives on this. I stole my Monday Musings bit from Jay Nordlinger’s impromptus. You don’t see him whining about it.

  4. gpok says:

    Funny that the quotation he read from your site came from the post where you cited him, picking up immediately after your citation left off.

    But shame on you for running this “political blog” to “make a name for [yourself]!”

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