The Fifth Commandment

A branch of the Discovery Channel Canada called “Forensic Factor” did an episode profiling the investigation of my uncle’s murder. It is not viewable in the US, but if you are a tricky IP address monkey you can set your proxy to watch it (I don’t know how, of course. Brother did that).

After watching, it I found it to be factually accurate, though the dramatizations were a bit overwrought. I suppose it is television after all.

(also, my old blog seems to be working… for now)


2 thoughts on “The Fifth Commandment

  1. Nick says:

    Holy cow, Adam, I had no idea this was your uncle. I vividly remember reading about this story when I lived in the Twin Cities for five years, and it makes me as sick to my stomach now as it did then–more, since it is not as abstract and distant from me now. So glad to see your faith in God’s righteousness steady throughout this, and there will be justice one day, brother.

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