Breaking the Collar Bone

Hey everyone, I just thought I would update everyone via the blog of my situation (so I don’t have to repeat 8 or 9 times). It’s really stupid actually. Becca and I were biking around Cedar Lake and while going up a hill I flipped over the handle bars. Yes, that’s right… I was going UP the hill. I recently bought a very nifty little one speed that handles exceptionally well, and I was swerving the bike to get more power out of my peddle strides. It is a little trick I discovered that really helped me save lots of energy going up hills. Well, I got going too fast, lost the rhythm of the peddling and swerving, pulled too hard to the right, flipped over and furiously hit the ground left shoulder first. I hit it so hard I shattered my collar bone in three places. It is poking out as I type this (yes it stings), though it is not a compound fracture.

I knew I broke something because while I was looking at the constellations of stars (not wearing a helmet) I realized I could not sit up, or at least very easily. I thought I dislocated my shoulder, but I was able to raise it up, though only by the feat of adrenalin. I felt along my collar bone and almost fainted when I felt it jutting out in a direction it should not be pointing. When Rebecca saw it she almost fainted too.

We debated about calling an ambulance, and Becca won out saying she could bike back and get the mini van and save me $500. It was a long painful wait. I was tensing up and my shoulder was really starting to swell. I had to wait 45 minutes (we were a long way from home) watching several similarly shaped mini vans drive by, many of which contained drivers gawking curiously at me while I was sitting on a tree stump holding my shoulder with a sullen expression on my face, until she arrived.

At the ER I was taken care of quite quickly. I was given an IV in which they fed me a shot of something called Diladin that gave me the worst panic attack I ever had. Then they gave me a huge dose of Valium which was much more helpful. :P So I am in a sling waiting to have restorative surgery Thursday morning. I will be out of work for about 7 to 10 days as I am popping Oxycodone every 4 to 6 hours. I get to have a metal plate installed! Not to worry though. This injury is quite common they say, and the surgeon says there is very little risk involved.

Through it all, though, I have had a pretty good attitude. While I was waiting for Rebecca to pick me up I discovered a new meaning to the 23rd Psalm (which I surprisingly remembered) that gave it a whole new personal twist. I have the best girlfriend in the world and I am not sure how I’d be doing without mom and dad.

Thanks everyone for reading.


4 thoughts on “Breaking the Collar Bone

  1. Where’s your economic stimulus package NOW, Barack Obama?

    Seriously though Adam, that’s a crazy story. My stomache turned just reading it.

  2. Obama stands above my broken collar bone and empathizes with both pieces. He is proposing a two state solution that honors both the right to exist.

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