No Place Like Dome 2

Last night I saw the Twins beat the Red Sox by basically walking around the bases after the Sox pitchers threw 6 wild pitches. When I wasn’t watching the game I was studying the Dome’s very interesting roof.

This going to sound very weird and extremely nerdy, but I became obsessed with how it works and why it looks the way it does. From the outside it is puffy looking, but from the inside the the fabric is convex. How can this be!?!?!?! Shouldn’t the huge amount of air pressure push everything up so that it looks concave? I don’t understand!!

So I contacted the Dome and got the Operations Manager on the phone. He told me it was gameday (noon day game today) and that he had an elevator to fix and some people to rescue from the inside of their car (?), and told me to call back later. But he is going to help me out. I need to know. I just do.

Also, there is this absolutely awesome website of 100 great Dome memories. I love the Dome, and I don’t know why.

EDIT: Tear in the roof!


3 thoughts on “No Place Like Dome 2

  1. I think it’s concave on both sides because the air pressure that inflates the dome is actually between the two layers of the roof, not so much between the roof and the ground.

  2. Because when I was looking at it yesterday, I was not able to envision it. It looked more like what Tony was describing. The air pressure should make the second layer press up into the structure–not look as though it is hanging between to rails. I think he may be right about the air being piped in between the two, but I also think there is pressure between the roof and ground. Otherwise you wouldn’t be blown out of the stadium when you leave!

    I just got back from the library and discovered a room that archived the history of the Dome down to the commission’s pamphlets advocating construction to newspaper articles about the roof’s collapse in November, 1981. I think the catwalk is near the center where plugs to drain the roof are located, but I am not sure. The librarian reserved a time for me next week to sift through all the files. Can’t wait to go back! (yes, it really was that interesting)

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