On What To Do With A Theology Major

This last Saturday I graduated from Northwestern College with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry, which more or less is a biblical and theological studies degree. It was a pleasure to graduate with honors and hear the words Summa Cum Laude at the end of my name. It may be a bit self-indulgent to say, but after being told by a high school guidance counselor that I would not make it through 4 years of college, I felt a sense of blessed accomplishment that I did not take lightly without proper gratitude to God whom I owe a thousand thanks.

But there is the perennial question: what now?

I have never really been sure of what to do with my education even from the get go, but Christian scholarship still intrigues me and tugs at my desires more than ever. Even though there are 21,483 reasons to stop and work for awhile (debt!!!) and consider a number of other huge life questions, I am going to apply for the Master’s degree. There are a couple of schools that would be a dream to be accepted by, but I am not sure I will be, though it is worth trying.

Many thanks to all who have been supportive.


4 thoughts on “On What To Do With A Theology Major

  1. Chad says:

    Adam, I’m sooooo happy for you. I think you going after your masters is awesome and I’m excited to see how your future unfolds.

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