Defectors to faith mark a growing trend

It seems like everyone has trouble raising their kids to believe what mom and dad want them to believe.

Parenthood must be one of the most anxiety-inducing roles if one is concerned about what their children will believe when they grow up. Then again, it may be that values so taught are rarely demonstrated. The virtues of faith and freethinking may look like slavish bondage and ugly hypocrisy that make emulation and imitation unbearable.

Blessed are those who can live out their beliefs with consistency.


One thought on “Defectors to faith mark a growing trend

  1. gpok says:

    It’s an interesting, possibly encouraging article. The author really plays fast and loose with stats, though. Aside from the whole issue of equating “unaffiliated” with atheist, he’s inconsistent in how he portrays percentages.

    When 54% raised unaffiliated find a religion, parents are “losing the battle” to “a majority.” When 55% of those who un-unaffiliate feel called by God, it’s “only 55%,” with liturgy and style of worship deemed the most important reasons.

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