Preposterous Statements of 2009 (Jan/Feb)

I have become a huge fan of ‘The Common Man’ Dan Cole’s “progrum” on KFAN. He has this bit that collects preposterous statements from sports journalists and others over the year, and then sets them in a March Madness NCAA tournament bracket. Each day for the last couple of weeks he has a had a poll for each matchup you can vote on and the winner advances. (Listen to this to get a sample of what I am talking about).

From now on, I am going to collect the most preposterous statements I read on blogs and newspapers, and at the end of the year I am going to form a bracket and devise a poll for YOU the readers to vote on. You are going to love it. Here my picks to far for January and February.

1. When more women are out about their atheism, it will help other women to be confident in their views. And when that gender shift starts to happen, all of the single atheist men and women will have us to thank when they find their life partner at one of our events. –Crystal Dervetski of Minnesota Atheists

Yeah, the first people you would thank at an atheist singles event are those trailblazers who have gone before you and declared their unbelief. Without them I would not have a spouse.

2. Since I am a “five-pointer” and a “conservative,” I live with some suspicion among my bretheren. —Tim Sturch commenting on

Well at least he’s honest.

3. [Tom] Daschele [sic] is a [perpetrator] and victim of the system, which Christian professionals help enable. —Joe Carson commenting on The New Christians

Because Christians haven’t transformed the fabric of society Daschle didn’t pay his taxes!

4. A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe. —Barack Obama on passing the stimulus package.

This from the man who said “we have chosen hope over fear” at his inaugural two weeks earlier.

5. “The symbolism of the delay suggested that Obama intends to continue to poach constituencies that were once reliably Republican.”– E.J. Dionne praising, as an act of bipartisan outreach, the one-day delay of Obama’s executive order to end the ban on funding abortions abroad.

What a meaningful move that must be to pro-lifers!

Nominate your own in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Preposterous Statements of 2009 (Jan/Feb)

  1. Number three may actually be the stupidest thing I have ever read. I mean, that is aggresively stupid.

    It’s like Joe Carson came to Tony’s blog and said “you know, this post is kinda stupid… Let’s raise the bar here”, and pulled a lever sending stupid into some sort of hypersphere. Breathtaking.

    The only thing I can think of is how long I could hold a conversation with this guy without saying something that would get me taken out for ice cream by my church.

    He didn’t even spell “Daschle” right.

  2. I accidentally published February’s statements while I was in the process of gathering more of them. Don’t you worry. You will get your chance to compete. You are young and hungry and will be able to take on toughest veterans the blogosphere has to offer.

  3. Crystal is right – Like her, I met my wonderful gal at an Atheist meeting as well. What’s your problem, you don’t like people find the right mate and be happy? Maybe it your blog that’s preposterous.

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