Playoffs: We’re goin’ to the Super Bowl!

You want to know what I got for Christmas? Pierre Thomas, that’s what. And with his huge game I was propelled into football imortality beating the number one seed team. Super Bowl baby! Tony Gonzalez may be my team MVP. Talk about a consistent play. LT? Not impressive, but consistent. That’s all it takes.

QB Kurt Warner, Ari v Min 14-35 F 12
RB LaDainian Tomlinson, SD v KC 22-21 F 12
RB Pierre Thomas, NO v Chi 24-27 F 25
WR Roddy White, Atl v TB 13-10 F 6
WR Lance Moore, NO v Chi 24-27 F 2
TE Tony Gonzalez, KC v SD 21-22 F 12
D/ST Colts D/ST, Ind v Det 31-21 F 4
K Rob Bironas, Ten K @Hou 12-13 F 14
WEEK 15: 87
WEEK 14: 101


3 thoughts on “Playoffs: We’re goin’ to the Super Bowl!

  1. i made it into my yahoo league’s title game after Westbrook didn’t score a TD. thank you Browns defense for that ONE defensive stand at the end of the first half!

    also, i wasn’t really impressed with the two week playoffs on ESPN. did you like it? i won my matchup by 1 point the first week, then like 15 the 2nd.

  2. To be honest, I am not so hot on the 2 week thing. It did make things more exciting–that’s for sure–but when you beat a guy the first week you really want to be done with him.

    ESPN has been OK. Their projections are way too optimistic. CBS’s site looks better from what I can tell.

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