Week 14: Playoffs?

You know this blog wouldn’t be anything without the weekly Fantasy Football update. After the last couple of weeks of tough losses I was thinking along the same lines as Jim Mora:

Playoffs? You kidding me! Playoffs!?

After losing 90 to 91 to one of the worst teams in the league I thought it was over. But I guess there is some BCS magic out there that tabulated my stats in such a concocted and arbitrary way that I retained the 4th seed and made the playoffs.

Of course, that means that I am taking on the number one seed who trounced me with triple digit scores the two times we matched up earlier. But lo and behold things came together in the first week of our match up:

QB Kurt Warner, Ari v. StL 34-10 F 13
RB LaDainian Tomlinson, SD v. Oak 34-7 F 15
RB Peyton Hillis*, Den v. KC 24-17 F 12
WR Lee Evans, Buf v. Mia 3-16 F 2
WR Roddy White, Atl v. NO 25-29 F 16
TE Tony Gonzalez, KC v. Den 17-24 F 13
D/ST Colts D/ST, Ind v. Cin 35-3 F 26
K Rob Bironas, Ten v. Cle 28-9 F 4

How ’bout them Colts? Boy that feels good. I am up 101 to 85 going into this week. And I am trying to decide between Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush for the RB2 spot. Both were on the bench last week and both look to be performing well.

Bush catches balls out of the backfield and will be more useful against a bad Bears passing defense, but Thomas has been on fire getting more carries and more yards. Too bad Chi-Town has a good run defense, otherwise it would be a no-brainer.

Any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Week 14: Playoffs?

  1. Your league does multiple-week playoffs?

    I don’t envy your decision between Thomas/Bush. Or maybe I do. I have to choose between Chester Taylor and Tatum Bell. Bah.

    I think Thomas has a lower floor but also a lower ceiling than Bush. Bush may break a big play or two – but Thomas is probably a safer bet to get you some solid points.

  2. b-nut says:

    We must have nearly the same team. I am also trying to decide between Thomas and Bush. They were both on the bench last week. So far I am going with Thomas, but I might change my mind before tonight’s game.

  3. go with Thomas! as a Saints fan, i can honestly say i think he’ll have the better game fantasy wise. he lit the Bears up in Chicago last season. i think he’ll get at least one TD.

    though, maybe the Bears load up the box to stop him, but then, they let Brees go? doubtful.

  4. All good thoughts. Right now I got Bush starting. But I think that has to do with draft loyalty and his catching ability. I wouldn’t be surprised if I change my mind too.

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