Week 13: Heart Breaker

This speaks for itself.

QB Kurt Warner, Ari v. Phi 20-48 F 15
RB LaDainian Tomlinson, SD v. Atl 16-22 F 12
RB Kevin Smith, Det v. Ten 10-47 F 2
WR Lee Evans, Buf v. SF 3-10 F 8
WR Roddy White, Atl v. SD 22-16 F 11
TE Tony Gonzalez, KC v. Oak 20-13 F 11
D/ST Dolphins D/ST, Mia v. StL 16-12 F 10
K Rob Bironas, Ten v. Det 47-10 F 21

QB Donovan McNabb, Phi v. Ari 48-20 F 28
RB Frank Gore, SF v. Buf 10-3 F 6
RB Jamal Lewis, Cle v. Ind 6-10 F 7
WR Andre Johnson, Hou v. Jac 30-17 F 13
WR Greg Jennings, GB v. Car 31-35 F 17
TE Tony Scheffler, Den v. NYJ 34-17 F 9
D/ST Patriots D/ST, v. Pit 10-33 F -1
K Mason Crosby, GB v. Car 31-35 F 12

It’s weird when you pay attention to each of these games, because you can count the many ways you lost. Donovan McNabb had a good game, but could have been held to 24 points and Kurt Warner could have had 17… but Warner was turned over and gave McNabb another chance to score (and he did). Kevin Smith had a measily 3 points, but got stuffed for a loss, minus one. LT at least scored, but didn’t do much else. My receivers were great, but not nearly as good as my opponents. Rob Bironas went crazy, but won’t do that again.

I still made the playoffs, though. I am number three in points, and that apparently broke the tie for fourth I had with two other guys.


2 thoughts on “Week 13: Heart Breaker

  1. you started Kevin Smith? was the cupboard that bare? good thing for you now is Reggie Bush is playing again, so that might help.

    i lucked into a first round bye in the league with 6 playoff teams. i have no idea how that happened, because 1 and 2 have pretty much been the same all year.

  2. Yeah, it was slim picking. I could have started either Reggie Bush or Tim Hightower, and actually would have won (they each scored 3 points). My bench had the tie breaker. Pitiful.

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