Week 11: In the Tank

Once upon a time I had the number one offense in my league. I was on a roll. If you played my team you were going to get run over. Road kill, baby. This week I took on the first place guy looking to tie it up, and it was like cement truck hitting a deer… except I was the deer. After a whole week of smack talk and riding waves of confidence that stemmed from ESPN’s 118 point projection, I was poised to take the lead. With my stellar line up and juicy match ups, what could go wrong? Well, everything apparently…

QB Kurt Warner, Ari QB @ Sea 26-20 F 15
RB Brian Westbrook, Phi RB @ Cin 13-13 F 7
RB Tim Hightower, Ari RB @ Sea 26-20 F 3
WR Lee Evans, Buf WR @ Cle 27-29 F 0
WR Roddy White, Atl WR @ Den 20-24 F 10
TE Tony Gonzalez, KC TE @ NO 20-30 F 3
D/ST Panthers D/ST, @ Det 31-22 F 10
K Rob Bironas, Ten K @ Jac 24-14 F 6

Wow. That couldn’t be much worse. Brian Westbrook was the biggest disappointment against a terrible Bengals squad. This is the third week in a row he has turned in a low score, and next week he goes against the run-stopping Ravens. I don’t think he’s a 100% and I’m thinking its time for him to ride the bench. Tim Hightower appears to be nothing but bandwagon, and there is no way he is starting against the Giants next week. J.J. Arrington got the snaps that resulted in TDs and that is on top of a Kurt Warner who passes 70% of the time. Lee Evans laid an egg, no thanks to Trent Edwards and his three interceptions thrown in the first half. Evans has mirrored Westbrook in disappointing performances the last three weeks, but I’m not sure I can bench him. Tony Gonzalez got hurt, but came back to the game and he along with Roddy White missed a couple of touchdowns. The bench didn’t fair much better. Earnest Graham went down for the season and Willis McGahee got pulled due to an ankle injury. I guess I’ll be looking to pick up a RB and the best one available is Kevin Smith… I guess the time has come where I will be putting my hopes in the Detroit Lions. We are officially in the tank, people.

Just for kicks, look at how my opponent basically outscored me by double:

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB @ SD 11-10 F 12
RB Marion Barber, Dal RB @ Was 14-10 F 20
RB DeAngelo Williams, Car RB @ Det 31-22 F 24
WR Reggie Wayne, Ind WR @ Hou 33-27 F 9
WR Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR @ Sea 26-20 F 15
TE Jason Witten, Dal TE @ Was 14-10 F 3
D/ST Titans D/ST, Ten @ Jac 24-14 F 7
K Neil Rackers, Ari K @ Sea 26-20 F 17



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