Week 9: Win Survives Running Back Woes

So there was a historic election last night that was decided by landside proportions. Alas, my guy didn’t win, but at least my fantasy football team put up a W. It’s all about priorities people. On to more important things!

After my huge win in week 8 I was projected by ESPN to score 132 points in week 9. Though that was outrageously high, I expected to be in the high 90s and low 100s. With high ranking players with good matchups, it couldn’t have gone any other way right? Well, it was upset week in the NFL and my bread and butter boys turned in average permormances. Earnest Graham got hurt and I am left with a fragile Willis McGahee to back him up, and he might lose his job to an upstart Ray Rice. Since Graham and Reggie Bush are out this week I will have to surf the waiver wire to find a more reliable replacement. But thanks to the Jaguars and Rob Bironas’ efforts, I was able to seal the deal against a weak opponent (score: 78-54). Game ball goes to Kurt Warner. Who is Tony Romo? He plays for that team whose stellar offense has been outshined by the… Arizona Cardinals?

QB Kurt Warner, Ari @ StL 34-13 F 21
RB Brian Westbrook, Phi @ Sea 26-7 F 9
RB Earnest Graham, TB @ KC 30-27 F 8
WR Lee Evans, Buf @ NYJ 17-26 F 4
WR Roddy White, Atl @ Oak 24-0 F 5
TE Tony Gonzalez, KC @ TB 27-30 F 6
D/ST Jaguars D/ST, Jac @ Cin 19-21 F 12
K Rob Bironas, Ten @ GB 19-16 F 13


5 thoughts on “Week 9: Win Survives Running Back Woes

  1. Dan L says:

    If it came down to either my fantasy team winning my league or my candidate winning the presidency I would be faced with a tough choice……4 years of the other guy might not be too bad.

  2. i eeked out a win against a team who had Brees on a bye. Washington’s stagnant offense on MNF resulted in them kicking two long FGs, good enough to earn a tie, then i was put over the top by Chris Cooley getting some yards. sometimes a win is a win, and that’s good enough for me.

  3. Dan, I am going to draft Barack Obama as RB. I heard he kicked some serious tail.

    Scott, I love it when it comes down to the kicker. I think they matter just as much as a RB.

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