Pure and Holy

Watch the following video:

UPDATE: YouTube pulled it. Not sure why.

A question to Obama supporters who read this blog: What do you think when see stuff like this? Do you share the same feelings? Do you feel disturbed? Why or why not?

7 thoughts on “Pure and Holy

  1. Google has been working to pull a lot of stuff that reflects poorly on Obama and his supporters. All those techniques they practiced with China are now perfected here in America.

  2. Are you serious? Do have anything to back that up? I mean this piece was about as pro-Obama as it could get. It made him look like a religious figure.

  3. Wow, but I clicked on the link below to the “Manifest Obama” thing on Nobama.com, and boy did I stumble into the kind of thinking that’s pissed me off this entire election:

    [after a list that reads bill ayers, acorn, wright, etc etc etc] “If you’re not disturbed by the things you read about these people and organizations, and their connections to Barack Obama, you are lying to yourself and to your fellow citizens if you think you love this country.

    The blood shed by men and women who fought for our country over the past two and a quarter centuries to keep all of us free was wasted on you, and for that you should be ashamed. They sacrificed their very lives to keep us free, but you would sell all of it and all of us out for socialized medicine and your preference for nationalized industries.

    That’s not freedom, and the people who are advocating this stuff DO NOT LOVE AMERICA.

    Maybe there are some who are timid about questioning your patriotism and that of Barack Obama’s, but not me. This needs to be said; so there, I’ve said it.

    A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for the demise of what this country has stood for since the Declaration of Independence was signed over 232 years ago.”

    Wow. My brain hurts. November 4th can’t come quickly enough.

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