McCain Offends Poland

WASHINGTON D.C.—Arizona senator and presidential candidate John McCain has raised the ire of Poland with his recent comments about Obama’s 9 point lead in battleground states. “I don’t trust the polls,” McCain said in a rally outside Pittsburg, “We have to put our country first and keep average Americans like Joe the Plummer free from high taxes.” The reaction from Poland was one of surprise and outrage as Polish leaders scratched their heads at McCain’s sudden distrust of their people.

Polish President Lech Kaczyński responded Tuesday saying his people were just as hard working and honest as Joe the Plummer, and that taxes were irrelevant to US-Polish relations, “We have no interest in taxing Joe the Plummer. I don’t see why his mistrust of our nation is warranted.”

The offense to Poland comes at a difficult time for the McCain campaign as it is trailing Senator Barack Obama by 9 points according to a recent poll put out by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

McCain continued to say, “The polls don’t tell the truth. The polls aren’t in touch with real Americans. The polls don’t call people with cell phones—the same people that are sitting around the kitchen table trying to pay for health care. Were going to stand up and fight for out country!”

While his remarks were met with applause, the European leaders interpreted them as a call to arms against a largely innocuous second-world industrialized nation. “McCain is out of his mind,” an Pole wishing to remain anonymous said “First Iran, then Russia, now us?”


6 thoughts on “McCain Offends Poland

  1. Elton says:

    I like to think this post is a joke.

    Someone should ask Lech how he would deal with the following:

    “I wouldn’t touch ‘that one’ with a ten foot pole”
    “Run it up a flag pole”
    “Pull my finger”

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