Week 7: In the Tank

It’s official. My fantasy team is in the tank. Week 7 was the bye week from hell that was made worse by devastating injuries. My top three guys were all on the sidelines and don’t look like they will be on the field anytime soon. Between Tony Romo (out with a broken finger), Brian Westbrook (broken ribs, bye), and Reggie Bush (left the game with a knee injury) I got 5 measly points… Any way you look at that it adds up for a loss.

The Romo problem could have been easily solved by starting Kurt Warner, but he was on a bye week as was superstar receiver Roddy White. That meant fishing around the waiver wire for a QB. Kyle Orton was available but was snatched up by a guy with higher waiver privileges (who already has Drew Brees!), so I had to settle for Trent Edwards. Thankfully, our league isn’t that deep, but that invites a whole host of problems: who do you choose from a sea of talent? For example, I debated over Wes Welker all week, adding him and dropping him to my folly, and paid the price for not starting Tony Gonzalez. What can I say? The Patriots have looked terrible this year and the Titans defense is scary. I picked em wrong again!

In the end, I did alright considering all the problems, and my opponent had some luck on his side. But future weeks aren’t getting any easier, and the loss column of my 4-3 record looks like it might get bigger with Earnest Graham as my number one back.

My Team:
QB Trent Edwards, Buf @ SD 23-14 F 14
RB Reggie Bush*, NO @ Car 7-30 F 5
RB Earnest Graham, TB @ Sea 20-10 F 12
WR Lee Evans, Buf WR SD 23-14 F 14
WR Isaac Bruce, SF WR @ NYG 17-29 F 4
TE Zach Miller, Oak TE @ NYJ 16-13 F 5
D/ST Redskins D/ST, Was @ Cle 14-11 F 5
K Rob Bironas, Ten K @KC 34-10 F 12

My Opponent:
QB Derek Anderson, Cle @ Was 11-14 F 11
RB Clinton Portis, Was @ Cle 14-11 F 21
RB Chester Taylor, Min @ Chi 41-48 F 13
WR Randy Moss, NE @ Den 41-7 F 18
WR Chris Chambers, SD @ Buf 14-23 F 0
TE Dallas Clark, Ind TE @ GB 14-34 F 8
D/ST 49ers D/ST, SF D/ST @ NYG 17-29 F 4
K Adam Vinatieri, Ind K @ GB 14-34 F 1


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