Favorite Pundits

By and large the punditocracy is a nuisance that should not be listened to. Talk radio is simply awful. Most newspapers are shills for the Democratic Party and the world would be a better place if the Fox/CNN 24 hour news cycle would simply go away. But there are a few good writers out there I like to follow. I offer you my favorites…

The best non-partisan writers I’ve found are Jay Cost at Real Clear Politics and Ken Rudin “the Political Junkie” at NPR. There hasn’t been an article I’ve read by either where I was left thinking, “Hmm that was a waste of bandwidth,” which is pretty good considering what passes for journalism these days. Rudin’s latest article is filled with good facts and insight about the upcoming Veep debate that should be one of the most interesting spectacles in this election cycle.

And if you want the best coverage of the race, Cost runs the Horse Race blog the covers all the happenings in the race in a very balanced and broadminded way. His take on the first debate actually is fair and balanced.

For the partisans I like David Brooks on the conservative side and Paul Krugman and liberal side. Both are good writers and put forth consistently good arguments.

Check ’em out!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Pundits

  1. Dan L says:

    I wouldn’t exactly label David Brooks a conservative. He does have conservative leanings but I think conservative is too strong of a word for him.

  2. He’s not bad. He probably has one of the better radio shows, that’s for sure. (Fred!)

    I should also have mentioned Thomas Sowell on the conservative side. He is more conservative than Brooks, but everything I’ve read by Brooks has sound conservative enough to me. :shrug:

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