Fantasy Football Happiness!

Okay. Enough with the political commentary, writing about good books, or talking about things that matter. It’s time to revel the victory of my fantasy football team! Every since I started this thing, I have been OBSESSED. I’ve been breaking down numbers, researching teams, keeping up with injury reports, and riding the waiver wire (that’s the “free agent” market for all you non-fantasy players). I have even subscribed to 5 different fantasy football blogs to compare notes.

AND, I tried calling into the local sports channel’s fantasy football “break it down” hour! No one is going to keep me down.

My running game carried me through three weeks with two wins and one loss. Brian Westbrook and Reggie Bush were gettin’er done, and I was happy as a clam in spite of the efforts of my pitiful receiving core. But when Westbrook went down and I barely squeaked by with a three point victory, it was time to revamp the team. I retooled my receiving line up, picked up Isaac Bruce, and took a gamble on a back up running back.

The score looked like this:

QB Tony Romo, Dal-Was 24-26 F: 22
RB Reggie Bush, NO-SF 31-17 F: 3
RB Selvin Young, Den-KC 19-33 F: 4
WR Lee Evans, Buf-StL 31-14 F: 16
WR Isaac Bruce, SF-NO 17-31 F: 11
TE Tony Gonzalez, KC-Den 33-19: F 10
D/ST Cowboys D/ST, Dal-Was 24-26 F: 1
K Josh Scobee, Jac-Hou 30-27 F: 14

Absolutely no running game and all receiving baby! I can’t tell you how good it feels to say I played the right guys. Though, I certainly did not when it came to the running back I was debating over. Left some points on the bench with that one:

Bench Brian Westbrook*, Phi-Chi 20-24 F: 0
Bench Earnest Graham, TB-GB 30-21 F: 17
Bench Wes Welker, NE WR ** BYE ** 0
Bench Roddy White, Atl WR-Car 9-24 F: 9
Bench Rob Bironas, Ten-Min 30-17 F: 13
Bench Kurt Warner, Ari-NYJ 35-56 F: 14
Bench Chansi Stuckey, NYJ-Ari 56-35 F: 1

But for all the unneeded stress, I’m glad to play. It feels good to be a football fan again. The hapless Vikings continually take the joy out of it when they’re the only team I’m following. Now I can follow 14!


10 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Happiness!

  1. i recommended picking up Robert Meachem to bolster the WR corps. by the end of the season he’ll be the Saints’ No. 2. he’s helped my teams so far and scored 15 yesterday!

  2. I’ll have to check on Meachem to see if he is available. The kicker thing has to do with the bye weeks. I think the league is set up so that you have to have two. But my two are awesome.

  3. john mark inman says:

    I would dump Selvin Young and hit the waiver wires for somebody else. Rudi Johnson? Michael Bush? Somebody besides Young.

    Peter King of SI says Ryan Torain of Denver is going to be a game changer when he returns in week 9.

  4. I think you are right. I’ve started Young twice and have paid for it each time. It’s not that he is unable to put up numbers. Its that the Denver game plan splits the load three ways and likes to pass pass pass.

  5. Dude! I’m kicking ass and taking names, too! I’m number one in my league! (might I mention I’m the only girl?) Feels pretty great.

    Two years ago before J and I were married, I never thought I’d see the day when I was scouting yahoo and for who to put in the game.

    Ah, how things change. :)

  6. Meachem or Lance Moore for the Saints. Drew Brees throws the ball to anybody who’s open.

    Definitely skip any Denver RB. You’ll frustrate yourself. It will be Young one week, Andre Hall the next, random player the next week.

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