Obama Campaign Art

Keeping with the Hail to the Chief theme, check out the some of the Obama-inspired art:


10 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Art

  1. It is worth noting that the rays protruding from the head as well as the sphere behind the head was a classical art way to represent diety. Normally you see this on Jesus or Mary. As for being crowned Jesus, don’t think for a second any poloticain wants to die for you sins. They just want others to die for you vote.

  2. Do you think any of the art is good, Kevin? I think the look of a lot of it is very memorable, though I would say some of it looks propaganda-ish in the way some communist art was. Especially, the “Change” and “Hope” posters.

  3. The art is good, in the way you describe. For a certain subset of the population, it is probably effective, because a certain subset of the American population revels in being on the right side of propaganda.

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