People on the Left have become crazy over Sarah Palin. Can you make any sense out of this?

Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman. The Republican party’s cynical calculation that because she has a womb and makes lots and lots of babies (and drives them to school! wow!) she speaks for the women of America, and will capture their hearts and their votes, has driven thousands of real women to take to their computers in outrage. She does not speak for women; she has no sympathy for the problems of other women, particularly working class women.


19 thoughts on “What?

  1. Amanda says:

    I think the comments after the article are just as hilarious. Most center around the fact that this woman is a professor. At a reputable institution of higher learning. Wow. What a crazy.

  2. Meh. University of Chicago Div isn’t a respected anything. These schools practice crackpot theology, but affix themselves to otherwise reputable institutions.

    It’s worth noting that these lunatics are not really on the fringe of the Democratic party. If you asked a pool of Democrats whether they agree with the paragraph above, a solid majority would say yes.

  3. I don’t know. I remember asking my sister who doesn’t really follow politics (nor have a particular political ideology) what she thought about the Republican VP pick of Sarah Palin and I remember her response was something like “What do they think we’re f***ing stupid and were going to vote for her just because she’s a woman?!”

    I was actually kind of shocked to hear her answer the question that way and how it made her feel especially since she doesn’t really talk like that.

    Oh well.

    Bryan L

  4. Bryan,
    i’ve read people have the same reaction, as if they don’t see Biden as a calculated pick at all. i don’t get it. i can’t imagine having so much pent up hate for a politician.

  5. Elton says:

    I love it when you have Professors of Religion who are openly hostile to the religions they teach.

    The real problem here is the 60-70’s feminist movement ran smack into the 21st Century feminist movement in which it’s okay for women to choose traditional lifestyles, have traditional (or even Christian) values and be productive members of our society. This is a huge threat to the discontentment of the 60’s.

    Besides, Sarah Palin is with the wrong party and has the “wrong” values.

  6. I am trying to understand this quote along the same lines as saying to a loser guy “He is not a man.” It is this is like saying “Barack Obama is not a real man” or “Joe Biden is not man enough for the job.”

    The problem with the Democratic party is that it has played identity politics so long that it never really bothered to define what exactly consistituted the identity. Obviously, a “woman” in this context means a single working women who favors [and perhaps has had an] abortion.

  7. I wonder Adam if this is similar to political statements about who is patriotic and who really loves their country? In regards to gender it sounds kind of crazy to hear people define what really makes someone a woman or a man but when we start talking about patriotism in politics all of the sudden it’s the same thing: “I fought for my country and you didn’t so you’re not really patriotic.” or “You don’t believe we should be in Iraq or that we should go to war with certain countries so you aren’t patriotic”

    Bryan L

  8. I wouldn’t think it is similar because it one is about questioning one’s nature (man, woman) and the other one’s sense of patriotism. The two are pretty different, though I would admit that they might have the same effect on undiscerning voters who like to decide on the basis of how the candidates make them “feel.”

    Personally, I think the patriotism discussion is vacuous as much of the stuff that campaigns are about. Look at the records, examine what issues are important to you and decide on that basis. It is actually a very relaxing process. No need to figure out who was talking about who wearing lipstick.

  9. Adam:

    I agree yet at the same time I do see some similarities. The way woman and man are being defined here doesn’t have to do with nature but actions. There are ways that men and women should think or act and to not do so means that they are in a sense betraying their own gender. That is similar to the patriotism charges in that it it amounts to particular actions and beliefs one does or doesn’t have.

    A similar scenario that illustrates what I’m talking about has to do with race. I’m Mexican. Growing up there were certain ways you were expected to act to be Mexican. Even if you were Mexican by nature, if you didn’t act that way then you weren’t Mexican. Of course nobody thought that you literally ceased being Mexican but that you were betraying your own ethnicity. If you acted white you were white, not Mexican. Many black people experience this same sort of thing as well. Have you ever heard people joke that Colin Powell isn’t really black? Or maybe Tiger Woods? I think they’ve even joked the same way about Obama. Of course nobody thinks that their nature has changed and they are no longer black but the way they are acting is in some way betraying their own race (based on how certain people thought black people should act. Those expectations might have come from within the black community and from outside of it.)

    I don’t think any of this is white but I do think the situations are kind of similar. In certain places to be patriotic is defined a certain way: wearing a flag pin, joining the military, keeping a flag outside your house, not criticizing the government, etc. To go against any of these things means you are not patriotic. Or if some people do those things and you don’t it means they are more patriotic than you are.

    Either way I agree that the whole discussion is vacuous. I just thought they might be similar. Maybe they’re not.

    Bryan L

  10. “Are you denying that there are particular statements or inferences like that made by people? ”

    Pet peeve: Answering a question with a question. My question was to be taken at face value.

  11. I should stay away from this one, but, alas, here I am:

    I think what she’s saying is that there’s a pretense of “Because I’m a woman, I represent the women of America.” And a lot of women — especially those who were supporters of Hillary Clinton — balk at that idea because she is so at odds with their ideas.

    I had the same reaction as Bryan L’s sister. The only thing Palin and I have in common is ovaries.

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