Obama on Palin Politics

I do have to say Obama is classy guy and I respect him a lot when I see statements like these:

Sen. Barack Obama campaigns in Monroe, Michigan, on Monday.

“Let me be as clear as possible,” Obama said. “I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president.”

Obama said reporters should “back off these kinds of stories” and noted that he was born to an 18-year-old mother.

“How a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics, and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that’s off-limits.”


4 thoughts on “Obama on Palin Politics

  1. I suppose. But I am tired of his public statements contradicting the efforts of his campaign. Plus, I suspect he has much to gain from the request to leave family members alone. Andrew Sullivan simply looks clueness creep (which, incidentally, he is) when he is obsessing over the pregnancy of a teenager.

    But when the GOP introduces the sad story of Obama’s brother, Obama gets to pretend that he has consistently silenced criticism of family members.

    If Obama sincerely wants to exhibit class, he should do so by running a classy campaign. He has not done so to date.

  2. I think his campaign has been fine. Maybe not full of the substance I would like to see, but I really haven’t seen anything come from him that offensive.

    And Andrew Sullivan is a hack.

  3. I think he’s a classy guy too.

    I’m not sure I agree with Palin on a single issue. That said, she’s a human being, and her family shouldn’t be considered open targets during this election. In this particular instance, however, I can understand why people have seen relevance between her daughter’s situation and Palin’s stance on sex ed and contraception. I don’t think it’s an indictment of Sarah Palin as a mom, but I do think it’s an indictment of the belief that if you just tell kids not to do the deed, they’ll take your word for it… in a society infused with sex just about everywhere you look.

    I didn’t really need Bristol Palin to be reminded yet again that avoiding the subject doesn’t result in less teenage sex, however. Six girls in my high school youth group had babies before they graduated. (Out of about fifty people). It was insane.

  4. Elton says:

    Actually, if you really think about it, it was really the only response. It would’ve been political suicide for anyone to respond any other way.

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