Guitar Praise

Not too surprised about this:

But I am holding out for this game!


  • Intense action thriller with stunning next-generation graphics and amazing special effects
  • Play as both a Catholic Knight or a Byzantine Warrior fighting through an unfolding story full of Papal lies and Arab intrigue.
  • Enter treacherous battles in the Holy Land to take on the Infidels threatening all of Christendom
  • Use unsophisticated technology, such as spears and swords on a battlefield where terror and brutality are essential to victory
  • Depth of multiplayer action provides online fans an all-new community of strained relations between adherents of Christianity and Islam around the globe!


3 thoughts on “Guitar Praise

  1. I wonder how capture the flag maps in COD: Crusades would work. Would it be The Holy Grail has been Taken or The Holy City?

    Probably Grail. The Holy City would likely be siege warfare maps. lol.

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