The Tank Man

There are few images that send chills down my spine every time I see them, but the Tank Man is one of them. Since I began Robert Service’s Comrades!: A History of World Communism, my admiration for this still unknown man has only begun to blossom. Whatever glory China recently received from hosting the Olympic games is utterly overshadowed by the actions of this solitary individual standing up to its utterly corrupt form of government.

The awesomeness of Frontline has all the low down. Learn as much as you can about it.


One thought on “The Tank Man

  1. Elton says:

    This image belongs among the top 5 journalistic photos of all time. It was the height of the student movement in 1989. This government continues to be corrupt and autocratic.

    I’ve always wonder, if communism is utopia, why does it take an autocratic state to run it?

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