Links: Obama, Postmodernism, Leviticus, Cabin Pics, Rock TV

Jonah Goldberg has an editorial called Obama, the postmodernist that makes some interesting observations. One of the interesting features of the Obama campaign is his appeal to the “be true to yourself” ethic our culture currently values. Though, I would doubt that he rejects truth with a capital-T or morality as right and wrong he is beloved by postmoderns in the Christian community. Brian McLaren has a new post up explaining how he has gone beyond “binary thinking” (a very bad thing if you are postmodern) and arrived at enthusiastic support for Obama. Although. it should be noted his explanation gives no rationale for the position that “everything must change.” Not too surprising.


Goldberg’s piece may be a little over-the-top, but David Brooks does a better job explaining why Obama is not your typical candidate. He is constantly presenting himself as being “in” facets of American life but not “of” them…


The Christian Vision Project has the testimonial of a pastor’s 30-Day Leviticus Challenge. Weird but very interesting.


I spent the weekend at the beloved cabin, and there are no shortage of pictures taken by my awful friends.


Rock TV produced another one of its Viewmaster videos. The basic premise is to use up ideas and gags that go no further than 30 seconds–a kind of “cleaning house” project if you will. The “Mumsy” bit is utterly weird, but perhaps the funniest thing we’ve ever done.


9 thoughts on “Links: Obama, Postmodernism, Leviticus, Cabin Pics, Rock TV

  1. Oh, and here’s a fantastic quote from McLaren’s latest Sojo post.

    “Insecure and unwise leaders will seek to surround themselves with yes-men and yes-women.”

    I mean, is it possible to be less self aware than this guy?

  2. Bob Sacamento says:

    “Mumsy” was freakin’ weird. Are you guys sure you’re really saved???? I mean, that’s the kind of thing you get when you give up “binary thinking.”

  3. Bob, to avoid surrounding ourselves with “yes” men we should have you on the team! That way when you watch our twirls you can tell us they suck.

  4. I seem to recall many folks thinking Mumsy would not get a good reaction. And maybe switching to Peter is what it took. It might have been the new Leprechaun response had I been Fosby.

  5. We anticipated it might fail for the reason Thom’s Leprechaun bit failed in the first Viewmaster video. However, the first video is pretty low energy. It begins with 25 seconds of Adam fiddling through a drawer, and we had this weird “Leroy is a dog for no reason” bit that really took the wind out of its sails. People have to be ready to laugh for a bit like that to work.

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