Tuesday Links: Christians & Sex, D’Souza, the free-market, and the Confederates

I think I like this link thing. Easy writing and little work. Let’s roll:

Out of Ur has some commentary on the bizarre “church as sex therapist” phenomenon that is sweeping through evangelicalism. Pop ministry is increasingly interested in promoting the “life you’ve always wanted (in bed)” and some of the applications are a bit unnerving. For example, one church commended its couples to engage in some sort of sexual behavior everyday for a month straight. I can see how ministers would like to dispel the notion that Christianity is ascetic and puritanical, but I’ve always felt like they can come across as a “Love Doctor” that is unbecoming to the pastorate and invites unneeded mockery. I remember The Onion, while being inappropriately profane, satirizing it all too well (you can Google “the onion local Lutheran minister wife” to get the idea – don’t want to link that one).


Dinesh D’Souza has a response to Christopher Hitchens who makes a very interesting argument called the “absentee God.” The argument says God seems not to have taken an interest in homo sapien man for some 95,000 years and then, Ka-blam, there he goes burning bushes and birthing kids out of barren old women in the middle of nowhere. Why believe that? D’Souza’s response shows that God intervened “just before the exponential explosion in the world’s population, so even though 98 percent of humanity’s time line had passed, only 2 percent of humanity had previously been born.” Moreover, the caveman turned into civilized man almost overnight that points to a transcendent infusion of the soul as the best explanation for its origins. Fascinating stuff.


Incidentally, the Townhall.com website has this strange and somewhat hilarious picture:

I’m not sure why, but I immediately associated this women with prostitution. I suppose it has something to do with an attractive woman wearing a frumpy t-shirt that identifies her with being motivated by free-market economics.


Yesterday was Peter’s 30th birthday and I flirted with the idea of getting him this book as a gag gift. As an educated history teacher and long-time admirer of Lincoln I’m sure that wouldn’t have gone over well with him, but you have to realize I have toyed with the idea of getting Mein Kampf as a white elephant gift. It’s a good thing my better judgment usually prevails.


Fascinated with the revisionist history of the utterly deplorable neo-Confederacy advocated in the above title, I got curious to see who these kinds of authors were. One of them, Thomas DiLorenzo, who wrote a book “exposing” the “real Lincoln,” is a professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and is a dyed in the wool free-market capitalist. Makes sense if you see no problem with a society selling human beings as a material good. Looks like I know who to get the above T-shirt for. The Claremont Institute has a blistering review of his awful book that makes for tragi-comedic reading. Check it out.


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Links: Christians & Sex, D’Souza, the free-market, and the Confederates

  1. Chad says:

    I’m not sure why, but I immediately associated this women with prostitution. I suppose it has something to do with an attractive woman wearing a frumpy t-shirt that identifies her with being motivated free-market economics.


  2. I hear what you’re saying about making fun of the sex thing – while I think some churches go way over the top, I’d rather have Christians mocked for this than for being hypocritical, unloving, or power hungry. Lets face it, people will always mock Christians (and other groups), so I guess I just don’t see this as too big a deal.

  3. I never got the whole romanticism of the Confederacy thing. Look, you lost. Over 150 years ago. I think “get over it” is an understatement. Seriously, I don’t understand seeing Confederate flags proudly displayed on Pennsylvanian trucks. Had Lee invaded Pennsylvania today, he’d get supporters equipped with enough flags to last his army for years, as opposed to everyone getting all passive-aggressive on him like actually happened in the slave state of Maryland to the south.

  4. dude, democratic chicks are totally hotter. my girlfriend’s a democrat.

    that’s d’souza’s best argument against hitchens? this is why i don’t listen to d’souza.

  5. What exactly is bad about D’Souza’s argument? He makes two points: 1) God intervened in human history at a time its population was exploding, and 2) the culture that went along with the explosion was no mere “mutation”–it comports with the doctrine of the imago dei. Perhaps it could use some more detail, but I don’t see why it is a bad response.

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