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Since this blog has been reduced to pointing out links, I think I will make this a regular feature. Don’t count on it, though. Let’s roll!

The former atheist philosopher Antony Flew responds to Richard Dawkins and his book The God Delusion. He writes, “The fault of Dawkins as an academic (which he still was during the period in which he composed this book although he has since announced his intention to retire) was his scandalous and apparently deliberate refusal to present the doctrine which he appears to think he has refuted in its strongest form.”

McCain and Obama will be hosted by Rick Warren who will interview each before the election.

Sovereign Grace Ministries, the denomination of Josh Harris, has a document outlining their teaching on “courtship” that includes over seventy rules and guidelines to keep in mind while trying to find a mate. Father’s must screen all “applicants” for their daughters (whether the girl is interested in them or not!), and boys must have a career (not just finishing up college) before even considering the possibility of expressing interest. My favorite rule is this incoherent proposition, “If you treat her like a sister before courtship and the young lady will likely be surprised you are interested in courting her.” What? UPDATE: Actually, this one may be better: “Role oriented marriages – the reason why arranged marriages work.”

A Woodstock performance by Joe Cocker gets lampooned by having his terrible enunciation highlighted:


11 thoughts on “Monday Links

  1. Those bullet points from Sovereign Grace read like Nigerian spam. That said, I agree with most of them, I think. The career bit is only a suggestion. At least that’s what I glean from this word salad:

    “Suggest you have a good job and beginnings of a career before pursuing courtship. Not just finishing up college and hopeful of getting a job.”

    I might also add basic literacy to the checklist. Even calvinist need know how conjugate verbs for provide family.

  2. Tina says:

    Thanks for the link to Flew, which lead me to another link, and yet another link :)

    On another note: I read most of The God Delusion last winter–actually used it quite a bit in teaching a “Worldview” class. Yes of course I disagree with Dawkins in many ways, but I highly recommend his book! I strongly believe it deserves an honest read. I have personally heard certain Christians bash him in a way that could not at all be described as “Christian”. . . NOT helpful. Dawkins has indeed raised many valid questions (especially on the topics of OT/NT ethics and morality, and whether or not most “Christians” even know and understand what the Bible says, etc). All I am saying is that he welcomes conversation, and we would be wise to do the same.

    Ok, on the Josh Harris thing, here is my personal FAVORITE: “He who finds a wife–not the other way around. Men are called to initiate. Women are called to respond.” If only I could learn how to truly be a “biblical woman” in all areas of my life!–then I would be happy and content. . . if only I knew my place! To live life only always responding and never initiating. . . receiving everything but never searching for anything. . . what a spiritually and intellectually fulfilling life that would be. Ok fine, I wouldn’t mind my future husband “finding” me. . . but as for the entire theology of female response to male initiative, I have heard more than enough to last me for a few lifetimes.

  3. Tina, Dawkins’ book is one of many of the New Atheist’s books that should be read. They really are interesting and provocative. I have enjoyed Dan Dennett’s book and the one by Hitchen’s on certain levels. The can make you a better believer in the end, I believe.

    The initiation/response thing is entirely ad hoc. I don’t see it anywhere in the Bible, nor do I see it intrinsic to male and female natures.

  4. Tina says:

    Adam, how do you read so much??? You blow my mind. I have so many barely started books. . . and so many disorganized half forgotten lists of recommendations from people–thanks for giving me a couple more to add to that list :) Hey thanks for responding to the communication I initiated :) or did I just respond to your blog?

  5. Tina, I like responding to your comments because I am not a real man. That is how it works.

    Reading has been a discipline for me. As a kid I didn’t read at all. I hated it. One can absorb oneself in video games, TV, music, and movies for a long time but there comes a point where the dissatisfaction of being intellectually stunted is overwhelming. These days I don’t have TV or Internet (though I do play a video game every now and then), and try to stick to reading books from the library. If you don’t have those other mental distractions and a deadline to get it done (the library wants their books back) you can get a lot done.

    Also, a little cheater’s secret: AUDIO BOOKS!

  6. That courtship stuff just cracks me up. Thanks for reminding me of it and all its crazy rules and guidelines.

    I remember when I used to be a hardcore proponent of it. I was having lunch with my brother and sister one day and I began telling them about it and how I believed it was true and the right way to go about marriage. I remember them looking at me just dumbfounded and one of them responded “so are you supposed to give some cows to the girls father or something? I think they were serious. I haven’t checked the 70+ rules though to see if that is required or not. : ) But that was the day when I started wondering maybe it really is as silly as it sounds.


  7. fellow blogger says:

    yeah, being involved in a college ministry, i can remember all the leaders and staff always promoting those courtship rules: never initiate, get approval from nav leaders…blah. i’m just glad i graduated and realized those rules aren’t in the bible!

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