Gas Mileage Calculator

Since gas prices are up (and will continue to go up) these days I, like most people, have become rather conscientious of how efficient my vehicle is. For a long time I never really knew what my 93 Toyota Pick Up got to the gallon, and assumed it was somewhere between 22 and 24. It never really mattered when it was $20 a tank. But after the price hike, I’ve been keeping tabs on my fuel economy for budget purposes and came across this handy little calculator that keeps track of everything down to pennies per mile.

To further the irrelevance of this blog I will now post pictures how amazing this is.

All you have to do is log the information at the pump. It’s fun because it gives you something to do instead of breathing in gas fumes. I was really surprised to see how well the Toyota performed on a long trip with the wind at my back. 30 miles per gallon! 30 MILES PER GALLON! So much happiness was experienced that day. Of course, you can see when there is a front wind that the truck does not perform all that well. 23 aint so good. But! Since I have a stick I can drive a little more efficiently. Instead of punching the gas I accelerate much more slowly and do a lot of coasting with the clutch pushed in. That yields a hefty 27MPG in town! Nice job Toyota.

With the trip estimator I can average out my expenses and distances and plan an accurate monthly budget or long trip in seconds. A little knowledge of MS Excel goes a long way. But the best part is this nifty graph:

Graphs just make everything better. They make me feel very mathematical and scientific. Just think of all the crazy theories I can come up with with that graph. I could chart the course of the planets as well as the personal future of each of you. People would come from all corners of the globe in search of my wisdom. No one would be able to stop me either. Not even the oil companies and the liberals combined!

But maybe Dick Cheney could.


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