Music Notes for 2008

There haven’t been too many exciting discoveries I’ve made this year in music, but there have been a couple of good songs I’ve been enjoying a lot. Here they are in no particular order.

Trying to Put Your Heart Back Together by Slow Runner. I love how the beat of this song is captured simply by a well placed bass drum. The lyrics are tender and encouraging and the singer sounds like Jeremy Darling (see below for those that don’t know).

A Ghost to Most by the Drive-By Truckers. This has been the discovery of the year so far in that it is unlike anything I’ve ever appreciated before. The style of music is not new but my attraction to it is, and just about everything this band has put out is interesting to me. It makes you feel like you are keeping on with the “keeping on.” I also like how it makes me feel like a hick.

Soul On Fire by Spiritualized. Everything by this band is either love/hate for me. Never have I found music by the same band so polarizing. Soul On Fire is classic Spiritualized psychedelic beauty which does everything right to fit into the “love” category.

Kids by MGMT. I was playing this song after I downloaded it from iTunes and my dad walked in the room and started dancing. He said, “Alright Adam! You are one of the ‘in’ kids.” Enough said.

Graveyard Girl by M83. A retro sound that is delightful and magical from beginning to end with a touch of melodrama melancholy from a teenage poem in the middle.

Stars by Kid Dakota. The Minneapolis guitar extraordinaire Darren Jackson teams up with a sweet drummer to make a ballad worth listening to over and over again.

Your Twin Sized Bed by Death Cab for Cutie. While I would not say I am as excited about their newest album this song is classic Ben Gibbard storytelling on top of a poppy melody that sounds happy enough, though strangely sad.

I Had My Reasons by The Great Upset.
Yes, I cannot forget Jeremy, Bart and the boys. This is one of their slower ones at the end of the disc, and it is one of the better Christian songs I’ve heard in awhile. You can preview the song here.

Geeze, I guess there were more than I thought!


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