Happy Earth Day everyone! Or maybe you shouldn’t be so happy. Rebecca Onion at Slate comments on what seems to be an abysmal literary composition that imagines life after an ecological disaster of biblical global proportions. Apparently, it ends with women back in the home and men proving their manhood through violence. Though it may be a terrible story, the idea of an ecological apocalypse has been subliminally wished for within the larger story of environmental activism. Ecological redemption in many environmentalist narratives can only really begin with the annihilation of human beings to recover the damage.

So… will you be left behind?


2 thoughts on “Envirogeddon!

  1. Well, if ecological apocalypse occurs and men are left to fight each other, I don’t see environmentalist males getting too far. Careful what you wish for, hippie.

  2. You seem to assume that hippies are not secretly stockpiling weapons on a compound somewhere, Kevin…

    I think both hippies and neo-cons would be in trouble…hippies for being no good peace-niks and neo-cons are not so good in combat, they use an army to back themselves up…won’t have that in the coming eco-apocalypse.

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