Minnesota Wild Blues

There was a time in my life when I considered myself a devoted hockey fan. I would follow the leading teams in the newspaper through the regular season, and camp out in front of the TV from 6 to 11PM watching as many playoff games as I could. Many slices of pizza and cans of Mountain Dew were consumed in those days… and that was when Minnesota didn’t have a hockey team. I even watched the Stars/Read Wing games, two teams I absolutely loath, to see if someone important would get injured. Yet ever since the Wild brought hockey back to the North Star state I lost interest… how did that happen?

Actually, there is a very simple explanation. You see, the problem is that I get so wrapped up in the success of the hometown team my well-being is put at risk. Since I value emotional stability in my life and since the Wild have been consistently mediocre, I haven’t paid much attention to them. I have never even to a game. How pathetic is that? This year the Wild had their best season and by claiming the number 3 seed they are poised to go far in the playoffs. But there is just one problem: they have me for a fan.

But in watching the last four playoff games I have discovered something that complicates that explanation. I have yet to witness the Wild score a goal. In game one I watched the Avalanche score the first two goals and then left to go home. On the radio I heard the Wild had tied it up. I got home to see the overtime dramatics only to see Colorado end the game with a sudden death score. So crushed was I, I didn’t bother to watch game 2. The Wild won. I watched the first two periods of game 3 and saw that the Wild had been shut out in the first two periods and turned it off. The next morning I find out they won in OT! Game 4 I watched the first two periods and saw Colorado dominate my Wild 5-zip in the first two periods, and I didn’t bother to watch the rest. No surprise to me this morning that I see the Wild scored a goal in the third.


6 thoughts on “Minnesota Wild Blues

  1. I hear you about the sports thing. I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I would live and die (almost literally) by their record. When they won I would be in a great mood for the week. When they lost, lets just say “unhappy” is an understatement.

    I finally decided that it was hurting not just my relationships with people and my mental health, but also my relationship with God. So the last two years I really backed away from football.

    I’m a lot more “stable” as a fan now, but it’s also not nearly as much fun to root for the Steelers, simply because I have less invested in them.

  2. The Pistons won their first championship the year I had season tickets. Also, they came back from 21 down against the Wolves a couple weeks ago when I was there. I’m their lucky bracelet!

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