Items of Note

I have less to say these days about faith and devotion. There have been a lot of life changes in the last six months that have caused me to be a bit more internal, which has been tough on this blog. A big part of this blog was writing out my thoughts on trying to live the Christian life. But there really has been a healthy reduction in knowledge that has made me a little less inclined to pontificate upon matters I know so little about. But there have been a couple of reoccurring things that might be worth sharing.

Reasons for low self-esteem and self-rejection are legion and even multiply as time goes by. The more you grow in certain areas the more you see your personal failings. What might have seemed to be mere personal annoyance at first feels like crushing defeat as time goes on. There are a million and one ways to focus on your works (or the lack thereof), but there is an antidote to this self-reflective poison. It is much better to focus on the person and work of Christ rather than the person and work of yourself. The inclinations to joy, peace, and love are much stronger.

Leaving a church is really hard. But there are good ones out there. And there are so many opportunities to serve in ways you never thought you could. Make new friends and try to keep the old.

Being sarcastic is fun, but it often comes from a defensive posture that often descends into contempt. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it usually isn’t good.

Viewing people as having unsurpassable worth simply by seeing them as persons Christ has died for encourages love, forgiveness, patience, kindness, politeness, joyfulness, compassion, and works of service.

Making an effort to work hard rather than blog is more rewarding at the end of the day.

Death will surely come, which makes living for money a lot less interesting.

Studying theology doesn’t make one wise, but it does open a lot of doors for conversation.

Following politics makes you angry.

Keeping these things in mind each day is hard to do.


6 thoughts on “Items of Note

  1. Dan L says:


    This is totally unrelated but I just saw this for the first time ever and figured with you being a hocky fan you would appreciate this.

  2. It’s always so ridiculous when goalies fight. Pure grandstanding is what it is.

    There is one where Hasek skates all the way down the ice to fight Roy and he completely falls on his butt before he gets there. Hasek likes to fall anyway, and could never plant his feet to save his life, especially against fists of fury.

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