Students of Virginity

This weekend the New York Times profiled a young women who is the head of campus group called “True Love Revolution” at Harvard University. Though the name of the group leaves much to be desired, they are “pushing, for reasons entirely secular, the cause of premarital sexual abstinence.” An interesting project to be sure, though I am skeptical as to how such views could not be influenced or motivated by religious comittments. As one who doesn’t think religious arguments are invalid I would say that such reasoning is flawed, but I commend them for trying.

As a devoted Christian interested in philosophical questions, particularly about the grand relationship between faith and reason, I have spent a lot of time studying and working out arguments that might sound reasonable to one who doesn’t believe. Whenever I sit down with my philosopher/secular friends I expect to hash out what I consider to be serious matters. I wonder, “Will we talk about the philosophy of science? The adequacy of natural explanations? The existence of God? The problem of evil? Religious experience?” Those are important topics, and at times we have touched on them. But nothing has surprised me more than the demand for answers to this curious question:

“Why are you waiting until marriage to have sex?”

I have always found this to be a surprising question, because it has never entertained me as an interesting one. I have never really been prepared to answer it, because it has not seemed to warrant any serious defense in my mind. I’ve always considered it a private matter, but as with seen in the article above, such a lifestyle is so utterly offensive to the public that it seems that keeping it private is impossible.


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