Links of Note

Check out some good stuff on the web.

On the Obama-Wright issue, make sure to read this interview of Thabiti Anyabwile (A guy I argued with in my comments on my old blog about not tipping!) about black liberation theology. Apparently he is the author of a new book called The Decline of African American Theology which looks to be pretty interesting. After that, check out this post by Jay Cost at Real Clear Politics which makes the best analysis of Obama’s speech I’ve read.

On the theological front, there is some sad news about Peter Enns, a brilliant Old Testament Professor, being suspended from his post at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Enns wrote a stimulating and controversial book that tries to free Old Testament scholarship from the modern ideals of scrutiny by invoking an “incarnational analogy” that sees Scripture being a divine product accommodating to a human form. The trouble is what exactly it means to be “human” (prone to error?), and how exactly that gets scrutinized in modern and postmodern climates. Lots of big ideas at work that have perplexed some brilliant minds. You can get complete coverage here , or you can read my favorite exchange between Paul Helm and Enns.

As for the virtuosos there are two items of note. The Great Upset released their new album which was produced by Minnesota native Darren Jackson (aka Kid Dakota) and it is sounding sweet. I am proud to know these guys personally and look forward to their show (Landing Gear is opening?).

Also, I have been stuck on this Southern Rock/Americana band called the Drive By Truckers. I never thought I would like music that makes me feel like a hick when I listen to it, but I can’t get enough of their sound. They have quite a discography and have received a lot of critical acclaim. My favorite CD of theirs is a 1999 release called “Pizza Deliverance” that you can preview at Amazon. Be sure to click on Bulldozers and Dirt and Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) for some samples. The latter song leaves a poignant impression because of its strikingly observant commentary on the effects of marketing the gospel, which incidently is cataloged well in David Wells’ Above All Earthly Pow’rs–a fantastic book I’ve been reading about Christianity in the postmodern world. Be sure to pick it up!

How’s that for some recommendations?


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