Life Update

I have officially spent my first week in my new apartment. What do I have to say about that? It is mega-cold. Set at 63 degress, the apartment is already a bit chilly, and an eight window sunroom doesn’t make for pleasant sleeping when it is 5 below outside (it can be 10 degrees cooler). Thankfully, I have my Marmott winter sleeping bag that is rated down to 15 degrees. Every night I get to crawl into it and zip up to where my face barely shows. It is so warm and good. Take that Minnesota!

This week I will be traveling to Atlanta for my grandfather’s funeral. I will get back on Wednesday night just in time to give a speech for my final project for my speech class—my least favorite class thus far. Better pray that the flight isn’t delayed, or I will have to spend another week making up something I can’t make up (how do you make up a group speech?). Where’s that chilly cheese flavored shot gun?

Then on Saturday I have my cousin’s wedding. Thankfully, I got a hot date to that. But I don’t think I am busy enough this week. Let’s try to think of some extra things Adam can do this week. Here’s is my short list:

Fix truck
Move more stuff out of Brian’s house
Get some new shirts/clothes
Write better blog posts


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