Minnesota is a Jerk

I just checked Google weather and it is a whopping 10 degrees outside. You want to know what the sad part is? I think this is a “warm up” considering the high was -6 yesterday. You want to know what else? I am now pro-global warming. Anything that can help us change the climate of this ice box of a state is good news as far as I’m concerned. I just filled up my tank and am planning on letting my truck run 24 hours straight to pump as much CO2 into the atmosphere as I can. I don’t see how that could go wrong at all.

Seriously, though, I have to wonder why the heck I live here. I used to be tolerant of the cold and argued with Southerners that living in 100+ degree heat was silliness. Now I have changed my mind. The simple reason for this is that you can easily die if you do not find heated shelter or have proper clothing in a short amount of time in this kind of weather. In hot summers down south you get thirsty and can’t sleep. No big whoop.


6 thoughts on “Minnesota is a Jerk

  1. Minnesota takes toys from rare orphans and hands them off the the dogs of plenty.

    Minnesota owns shares in humanities decline.

    Minnesota owns empty castles overlooking God’s majesty.

    Jesus said there will be Minnesota and rumors of Minnesota.

  2. Sarah says:

    You’d think with the abundant influx of immigrants, Minnesota would be warmer. All those extra units of body heat……..Matrix my a$$.

    I’m now up to drinking a gallon of hot cocoa per day and warming things up in the microwave just so i can snuggle up to the warmth.

  3. Oh to be so cold! Today I endured 105F temperatures and watched TV longingly as penguins frollicked on icebergs.

    In the hot weather, you can only strip off so many clothes before you are naked and sweating and still hot. Where I live (Brisbane, Australia) people die from heat stroke on days like this.

    I would love to be in Minnesota sipping on hot cocoa and wearing a toasty polar fleece jumper.

    I am currently wearing nothing but a towel to dry the sweat and am sitting 2 centimetres away from my air conditioner. I love it to bits.

    Oh, how the other half lives,….

  4. Oh heck, now I’ll never go back. I lived in Mpls for 13 years and left for Oregon 5 years ago. This might sound stupid, it’s been an unusually chilly 35 degrees outside in the morning for the past week and I’ve been freezing my tush off.
    I don’t know how you do it.

  5. “… I used to be tolerant of the cold …”

    Dude… that’s because Minnesota has had mild winters for the last ten years… the weather you are experiencing should be the norm. I think people would stop complaining about people who live in these southern states.

    One things for sure… I’m glad I was there during a mild winter and got out while I could before this one hit.

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