The Presidents

As a patriotic American I am swelling with pride over our great holiday celebrating our nation’s presidents. Presidents day is second only to the 4th of July on my list because it gives me the opportunity to rave about our nation’s great history of democracy. When I think of how an informed electorate sent Martin Van Buren to the Whitehouse in 1837 I get misty eyed. Old Kinderhook’s denial of Texas’s formal request to join the United States was the result of the will of the people, and his overseeing of the infamous Trail of Tears a symbol of American freedom. Truly he is iconic of the American spirit yet his legacy was defiled when the Lone Star state was admitted into the Union.

And who could forget the great Millard Fillmore rising to the ocassion from his vice presidency after Zachory Taylor’s untimely death (after eating a bowl of cherries)? Our nation has not seen such a grandfatherly wisdom displayed over vexing issues like the fugitive slave law which extended Southern slave owner authority into the North. Freedom is the American way. His decisive actions lead to the division of the Whig Party which lead to its downfall and inspired the emergence of the Know Nothing Party. God bless America!

The great “dark horse” nominee Rutherford B. Hays burst on the scene in 1876 not all that unlike our current President winning a contested election against longstanding charges of voter fraud. His political skill lead him to accept an inauguration privately to avoid the potential hijack of a formal one by Democratic rivals. His great American achievement was becoming the first president to ever use Federal troops to fire on striking workers of the Great Railroad Strike in 1877. If alive today his policies would make the “true conservatives” within the Republican party proud. Home of the brave!

And who could forget the “fat and happy” presidents who presided over this great nation in times of unmitigated prosperity? Names like Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, and Bill Clinton come to mind. It comes as no surprise that before Coolidge died in 1933 in the middle of The Great Depression he said, “I feel I am no longer fit in these times.” That’s what I would expect from the man who lead during the roaring 20’s. Eisenhower is to be credited with our glorious interstate highway system–without it America would be lost. And Clinton… well we all know about Clinton.

So here’s to you America! Your presidents have inspired the masses for centuries! I salute all of them and approve of their policies!


5 thoughts on “The Presidents

  1. It will be interesting to see how that will play out in the general election. So far he has had the luxary of running against someone who mirrors his policies and contrasts his likability. When the issues are put on the table it the fervor generated by such buzzwords should come to an end.

    I bet he will be a better debater than McCain, though.

  2. Obama may out-do McCain in oration but I doubt he’ll fare as well in a debate. Once McCain call’s out his “politics” for what they are — bullshit — all he’ll be able to do is talk louder.

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