Love Poetry Fridays

In light of Valentine’s Day I thought you would all benefit from some love poetry. I also finished up my philosophy class and posted one of the haikus I wrote while waiting for the very long lecture to end.

It’s Valentines Day
That means its poetry time
Too bad I’m no good

How Much Does that Cost?
Hallmark cards and hearts
Phone calls, meals, and chocolate
It bleeds a man dry

Happy Valentine’s Day
Talking on the phone
to a pretty girl last night
It wasn’t so bad

The External World?
A brain in a vat
caught in a web of belief
thinks its all for real


2 thoughts on “Love Poetry Fridays

  1. Valentines with Delilah:

    my heart will go on
    such a stupid crappy song
    dedicate it now

    Love in Generation X:

    Conversation heart
    romantic: reads “email me”
    Shakespeare we are not

    Single life:

    kissed dating goodbye
    and stopped dating for dinner
    lonely and hungry

  2. Sarah says:

    Adam, loved the second one!
    Jamie, loved the single life one :)

    Last night:

    Valentine’s with dog
    we watched chick flicks together
    I cooked dog dinner.

    A Guy Who Asked Me Out Last Week:

    You asked me to dine
    with you for Valentine’s day
    you still haven’t called.

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