Death of a Cell Phone (Hater)

A new day has dawned. I am now the owner and operator of a new cell phone. How could this have happened? How did one, who was vehemently opposed to owning a cell phone, cave in and get one? The answers are varied and complex, but allow me to indulge your precious time with this utterly vacuous and pointless post to answer these important questions.

Since April, 2006 I have enjoyed unprecedented economic prosperity in that I have saved $1,100 since the time I let my old cell phone service expire. With the increased purchasing power I have been able to consistently meet a monthly budget with some money to spare. Anxiety has been at an all time low. However, this has not been the case for my parents. Since the discarding of the cell phone I have been regularly grilled by both of them as to why I got rid of it, how on earth I can be contacted, whether or not I am safe, and how I can survive from day to day. The arguments I mustered from the LAN line and the work number were not persuasive ones even though they would have been more than sufficient ten years ago. To be sure there were incidents were the use of the cell phone would have been expedient, but the savings still far outweighed the drawbacks.

But last weekend my father informed me that it was only another $10 a month to be put on a family plan and that he would be willing to cover the cost if I wanted one. Since I am moving out this month I will no longer have access to my LAN line and thought it might be helpful. So now I have a Verizon Flip-Phone that is ready to use sitting on my dresser at home where it belongs. The long argument between my father and I is over and even though I think I got the better end of the deal, it would seem that he believes he got the last laugh:



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