Roommate Love

Yesterday I got home and found there was a message on the voice mail. Who could this be from? Could it be from an endearing lover? A close friend? The pugnacious yet playful Keith Marler? No, it was none of these. It was from my roommate Brian who said the following:

Hey man, this is Bri. Just letting you know I am going to be out of town till Thursday. Don’t try calling me, my cell phone is turned off. It won’t be on again until Thursday evening. I’ll be back on Friday. Just giving you the heads up so that you weren’t wondering where I was.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the first time ever Brian has told me where he was. There have been many moons where he has disappeared for an unspecified amount of time with no information available pertaining to his whereabouts. When family members and friends call for him I would simply say that he had left mysteriously and is nowhere to be found.

Over the years those acquainted with our household would demur to our lack of communication and infer a lack of love between us. Today I am proud to say that those days are over. These days we are closer than ever. Our sweet intimacy will never be broken! Unity and harmony abound forevermore.

Until I move out in March.


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