Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

I finished watching a new documentary put out by Mr. E, the front man of one my favorite bands called the Eels, which explores the life of his father Hugh Everett III.

How could this possibly be interesting? Hugh Everett was a world famous physicist that came up with the theory of parallel worlds. Imagine, when we make a decision our lives split into alternate universes. The theory is based on an interesting experiment that proves that photon particles “split” as they emanate from a light source, and it is supposed to have overturned a popular belief in quantum mechanics that particles behave certain way under observation.

Of course Hugh Everett was an aloof intellectual that was utterly detached from the life of his son Mark Oliver. Mark did not inherent any of his father’s mathematical brilliance and grew up in a family that has long since passed away, including his sister. He is all that is left to represent the Everett legacy, and interestingly enough, some his father’s friends enjoy his music (which displays a maverick intelligence all its own).

I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is something about entering the life of a person through what they leave behind that captures their character in a much more salient and permanent way than when they are living. Mr. E can now say he found such joy and scoff at his parallel self that chose not to dig deep into a painful history.


3 thoughts on “Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

  1. I did a google search on parallel worlds and found this entry.

    Apparently we can reach parallel worlds sliding wormholes. As a fan of the TV series the sliders I have a passion for how Quinn Mallory’s antigravity experiment managed to create an artificial wormhole in his basement that linked parallel worlds to his one.

    I though wormholes could only exist created by the gravitational collapse of a singularity inside black holes not a basement on earth.

    I created a google blogger called riding the Einstein Rosenberg Bridge (“ about the pilot. The star of the story is Quinn Mallory and his antigravity experiment showing off the gapping entrance of a roaring wormhole entrance to parallel worlds.

    Kind regards

    Geoffrey Thomas

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