In Chicago

In Chicago I saw:

sears tower

moody bible institute

old man winter


I rode on the:

the L

It made me feel:


5 thoughts on “In Chicago

  1. Hooray for everything!

    Seeing that post of you guys on the L really made my morning. Nice work, buddy.

    By the way, you should come over and drink fluids with me sometime.

  2. Dan L says:

    Chitown is awesome. The building I interned in is right behind the sears tower in your photo. Brings back some good memories. Did you walk through the tunnels that smells like piss when you ride the Blue and Red lines?

  3. Peter, we have not hung out in so long. I drove by Hoolihans the other day and thought we better eat out again sometime. Or just get together at your pad and drink Pepsi while watching videos about the presidents. Let’s make some plans!

    Dan, I didn’t know you interned there! Yes, there was some funky smells I noticed. The whole experience was like it was out of a movie.

  4. Dan L says:

    I interned at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. It was pretty cool, I had complete access to the trading floor. That was a good summer.

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