Actual Conversation with Roommate

This conversation took place while we were watching the ten o’clock news.

ADAM: So what do you think of the 35W bridge collapsing due to poor design?

BRIAN: Oh those gusset things?

ADAM: Yeah.

BRIAN: Well you know what I think?

ADAM: What?

BRIAN: I think we should return to the days of horses.


ADAM: What?

BRIAN: It would solve all our problems.

ADAM: I’m not sure how the bridge collapse is connected to pre-industrial modes of transportation, but continue…

BRIAN: I’d fricken drive my horse down the street.

ADAM: “Drive” your horse?

BRIAN: Wouldn’t have to spend money on gas, wouldn’t have to put up with idiot Minneapolis drivers, wouldn’t have to wire my car with explosives to keep the thieves away…

ADAM: What?

BRIAN: Wouldn’t that be awesome?

ADAM: Wouldn’t you need a lot of hay?

BRIAN: Dude tries to break into my car and BOOM! He’s a goner. Course, I wouldn’t wire it so it blew up the garage. Just enough to blow the glass out. That would hurt him enough.

ADAM: Might be a little extreme.

BRIAN: I don’t think so. Serves ’em right!

ADAM: You could get a buggy.

BRIAN: Hell ya I’d get a buggy!

ADAM: Of course you would.

BRIAN: That’s the problem with the world these days. Not enough buggies.

ADAM: Looks like the new bridge will be done on December 24th of this year.

BRIAN: Merry Christmas Minnesota!

ADAM: True enough.

BRIAN: See, if everyone rode horses there wouldn’t be traffic problems and our bridges wouldn’t be falling down.

ADAM: Nor would we have adequate fire and rescue services.

BRIAN: Wha’d you say?

ADAM: Never mind. Hey, they are interviewing a red cross worker about the victims.

BRIAN: Pfff whatever. He’s a nobody. I bet the dude wasn’t even there when it happened.


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