Vote Smart: Huckabee

So Mike Huckabee is apparently God’s candidate:

Well, I suppose from 2004 on anyway. Evangelicals have become smitten with the “aw shucks” personality and laid back demeanor of the former Southern Baptist minister-turned governor-of the-state-where-Clinton-used-to-reign. He also plays the bass. A candidate who wasn’t taken seriously hit the big time when he won the Iowa caucus and lots of CNN coverage of teary-eyed campaign workers praying for a miracle followed.

But questions remain about his experience and knowledge of important issues such as foreign policy and immigration. What’s he stand for besides a worldview that has no problem fusing faith and politics? What does that look like? You can check out all the facts at On the Issues. Oddly enough, he and Ron Paul are in agreement about the IRS… Bet you didn’t know about that!


2 thoughts on “Vote Smart: Huckabee

  1. david damn says:

    Chuck! Isn’t Huckabee in favor of the flat tax. From a financial advisor standpoint, I like it. It simplifies finances by helping people see exactly how much tax they are paying verses actual income. Right now, most people don’t know their actual take-home income, and even fewer people know how much tax they are paying.

    Philiosphically, I like the flat tax. It ‘punishes’ spending, not earning thereby encouraging wealth creation and savings. It may help curb the personal debt crisis.

    Pragmatically, its less expensive to inforce. I just hope that implementation hurrdles don’t scare people away from the idea before it is thouroughly thought through.

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